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Beyond Compliance

Rebecca Helgeson, owner and President of Beyond Compliance Consulting is an advocate. She strongly and enthusiastically promotes self-determination for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities by assisting families, staff, and agencies that support them. As the owner of Beyond Compliance, Rebecca has extensive experience in a variety of settings and specializes in processes to achieve compliance with a variety of rules, regulations and guidance, including HCBS Waiver programs in multiple states and ICF/IID facilities. Beyond Compliance focuses on processes to teach, coach and mentor leaders and direct care professionals (who she likes to refer to as Life Coaches). Beyond Compliance is committed to providing meaningful and functional processes leading to an increased quality of services and supports.

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Rebecca has over 40 years of experience working with and for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. She understands the barriers and gaps in provision of services and provides a down-to-earth approach to ensuring compliance with complicated and complex rules and regulations. 

Creative Design

Rebecca believes there is always an outcome centered solution to obstacles providers and third-party case management agencies face daily. Rebecca is committed to assisting agencies with finding these solutions in creative and meaningful ways. 

Person-First and Person Centered

Rebecca supports person-first language and a culture which supports a person-first and person-centered system. This includes a focus on choice, self-determination, education, exposure and experience to provide person-oriented outcomes and solutions.


We did not know how to make our Center's Risk Management system work within our state policies and procedures and expectations. Rebecca truly assisted in making our system much more comprehensive and applicable for our Center.

QA Director - Murdoch Developmental Center, North Carolina

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Contact Beyond Compliance for information and/or assistance with your agency's needs.

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